The Portfolio of Chris Watkins, User Experience Designer, Creative Leader, Cartoonist & Storyteller

I'm Chris Watkins, a designer of user-centered product and app experiences,
a visual storyteller, and a leader of creative teams.

Please look below for samples of the UIs and experiences I've helped craft,
and the comics and artwork I've created.

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Bose Out-of-Box Experience

The challenge: Coordinate and direct the work of packaging art and copy, packaging industrial design, interaction design, and user documentation teams to begin producing holistic out-of-box experiences that reflect Bose quality and brand.

The solution: Ongoing evolution of packages and experiences that integrate a new brand expression system and a deeper level of customer-centered thinking, from how customers really shop, to leveraging apps in setup and streamlining in-box documents. Leading the ongoing development of a new strategic vision built on principles of gratitude and respect--for our materials, our products, and most critically, our customers.

Bose SoundTouch Controller App: Now Playing Screen Responsive DesignBose SoundTouch Controller App: Panel NavigationBose SoundTouch Controller App: Preset Creation Interactions
Bose SoundTouch Controller App: Search Flow & WireframesBose SoundTouch Controller App: Setup Flow SamplesBose SoundTouch Controller App: Evolution of Visual Design
Bose SoundTouch Controller App

The challenge: Leverage an evolving interaction and visual design language to co-direct the design of a robust but streamlined app that can control from one to a household-full of Bose WiFi music products.

The solution: An app experience that standardizes behaviors for common functions between app and hardware, responds to device display size, gives access to a wide array of audio sources and content, and marries brand expression with a clean and modality-focused UI design.

(Note: Some artifacts shown here were created by the Bose User Experience team members I managed and directed.)

Bose User Experience Design Language

The challenge: Lead a team to develop a comprehensive design language that governs and guides user experience design across the portfolio of Bose consumer electronics.

The solution: A strategic high-level set of principles and tenets coupled with an actionable collection of guidelines for interaction and graphic designers. Implementation across the Bose portfolio, starting with the ecosystem of SoundTouch wireless music products. (See Bose wireless speakers, home theater systems, and headphones.)

Bose Connect: Out-of-Box Setup Flow and Primary ScreensBose Connect: Connect/Disconnect After First ConnectionBose ControlSpace Mobile Control Center: Sample Screens & Primary Flow
Bose Room Designer: Primary Paths FlowBose Room Designer: Drawing Flow Screens
Bose Mobile App Designs

The challenge: Lead design efforts for multiple app projects within the core UX team and in partnership with the development team in Bose's Mobile Applications Group.

The solutions: Provided creative direction and management for interaction and visual designers, including a hybrid design lead embedded in the Mobile Application Group. Supported the design of: Bose Connect--a tool to manage Bluetooth device connections that includes a simple and innovative visual-gestural connection model; ControlSpace Mobile Control Center--a dynamic application that ties into professionally-installed venue sound systems for user-specific control access; and Room Designer--an aid that Bose sales associates can use with customers to help them visualize their home spaces and ideal equipment packages to suit acoustic demands and budgets.

(Note: Some artifacts shown here were created by the Bose User Experience team members I managed and directed.)

Kodak Slice UI: Image ReviewKodak Slice UI: View By DateKodak Slice UI: View By Face

Kodak Slice Touchscreen Camera UI

The challenge: Create an intuitive and engaging way for users to relive up to 5000 pictures worth of memories on the back of a touchscreen digital camera.

The solution: Added granularity in the basic image review experience with a scalable thumbnail overlay and real-world modeled "flip book" navigation through pictures. Auto and manual filtering including date-based photo stacks in a time line style view. Fast and easy sorting by person with a quick double-tap to search by face.

Kodak Easyshare Touch UI: Video TrimKodak Easyshare Touch UI: Spot Color EffectKodak Easyshare Touch UI: Keyboard

Kodak Easyshare Touch Camera UI

The challenge: Lead an interdisciplinary team of interaction designers and human factors engineers to develop a touchscreen camera UI with competition-busting performance.

The solution: Completely redefined touch interactions and directed overhaul of specification documents. Gathered data from expert evaluators, consultants, and user testing to refine designs in iterative rounds with firmware developers. Final implemented touch experience was rated by users and evaluators as nearly double the performance quality of key industry competition.

Kodak Camera UI: Image CaptureKodakDesign Camera UI: Image ReviewKodak Camera UI: Settings Menu
Kodak Camera UI: Image Thumbnail ViewKodak Camera UI: Camera Back Button Set
Kodak Camera UI Platform

The challenge: Translate a newly developed visual and interaction design strategy concept into a robust user-centered UI design for use across Kodak's digital camera portfolio.

The solution: A new UI implemented on over forty cameras across multiple portfolio years, on a variety of camera types (low-cost, high-feature, and "pro-sumer" models). Visual design made consistent and subdued to bring user content to the forefront. Key features given immediate access via shortcut bars and in-line menu editing. Controls simplified and confusing hardware button repurposing eliminated. Icons revised and supported with dynamic text messaging for clarity.

Kodak Icons and Search Engine: Sample Icons for Cinema and Medical Software ApplicationsKodak Icons and Search Engine: Design Grid & PaletteKodak Icons and Search Engine: Search Tool Home Page Mock-Up
Kodak Icons and Search Engine: Search Results Page Mock-UpKodak Icons and Search Engine: Tool UI Design Process Artifacts
Kodak Icons and Search Engine

The challenge: Develop a library of icons, and method for designing new entries, for Kodak professional software applications. Create a web-based database search engine to quickly scan, find, and identify uses of icons in the library.

The solution: A co-created language for consistent iconography across applications, including visual metaphors, construction and design rules. Wireframes, workflows, visual design and coding implementation of a database search tool for department-wide use.

Kodak Digital Cinema: CineServer Home ScreenKodak Digital Cinema: Player ConsoleKodak Digital Cinema: CineServer New Playlist Creation
Kodak Digital Cinema: Management System - Load Content ViewKodak Digital Cinema: Management System - Content Migration View
Kodak Digital Cinema

The challenge: Devise a touchscreen UI, following established visual design guidelines, for movie theater projectionists to use in loading, playing, and creating playlists of digital video content. Update the Cinema Management software UI with new screens and updated features for whole-theater content management.

The solution: For the projectionist, an uncluttered but feature rich UI that emphasizes ease of touch control and visibility in low light conditions. For the manager, at-a-glance view and control of content management features with consistent visuals that bridge old and new systems.

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